With the federal passage of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, commonly called the stimulus bill or recovery bill, the state is set to receive about $1 billion in federal aid.

Stinner said Ricketts is drafting a request for money now. Stinner estimated the first half of the federal aid will arrive in the next few months.

“Which runs kind of toward the end of the session,” he said.

The Appropriations Committee will draft a bill about how to spend the money, Stinner said. The process is similar to the budget proposal.

Stinner also reiterated that crucial redistricting data will not be available until after the session concludes. The data is crucial because it allows senators to begin the decennial process of redirecting the state’s legislative districts.

“It does not look like this session we’re going to talk about redirecting,” Stinner said. “And that’s a big item for western Nebraska.”

Previous census data showed a population decline in the Panhandle and western regions of the state. That means the area could lose a representative in the legislature.

Lastly, Stinner said that he expects the state will extend the state tax filing deadline.

“I know the governor is looking at it, but (the Revenue Committee) has not decided, at least as of last night (Wednesday),” Stinner said. “I suspect they will extend the deadline. It’s being discussed. I will tell you that.”