Two Buffalonians serving as associate justices of the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court are among seven women recommended for appointment to the Court of Appeals – the highest state court in New York.

Justices Erin M. Peradotto and Shirley Troutman are among the names submitted to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo by the Commission on Judicial Nomination to fill a vacancy stemming from the June 4 retirement of Judge Leslie E. Stein. Cuomo is now slated to choose from among those recommended by the commission, as required by the state Constitution.

Judge Shirley Troutman 

“The report contains the names of seven candidates who in the commission’s collective judgment are well qualified, by virtue of their character, temperament, professional aptitude, experience, qualifications and fitness for office, to fulfill the duties of that high office,” the commission said in a statement.

Peradotto is a Republican and Troutman is a Democrat. Already, Erie County Democrats are weighing in on Troutman’s behalf and urging her consideration.

Erin Peradotto (copy)

Judge Erin Peradotto.

“There simply isn’t a stronger voice for justice in New York than Shirley Troutman’s,” said Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy J. Zellner. “As a jurist, legal scholar, citizen, and woman of color, she would be an outstanding choice.”

The commission said it received applications from 45 candidates, 26 of whom were female and 14 were of diverse backgrounds. It then interviewed 17 candidates, of whom 13 were female and five were ethnic minorities.