What’s trending?

The hashtag #Suggestion-to-Rectify-China’s-Overzealous-Fan-Clubs was trending on China’s social media platforms on Wednesday, since Song Wenxin, a deputy to the National People’s Congress (NPC) of the CPC suggested China’s ‘fan circles’ should be regulated and “star-chasing activities” should be limited. The hashtag has been read over 220 million times and discussed over 30 thousand.

What’s the story?

“Domestic fandom culture has crossed a line and should be regulated. “The deputy to the NPC Song Wenxin said in an interview conducted during the Two Sessions annual political meetings that domestic fandom culture has been involved in many severe problems that should not be tolerated by society, appealing to the government to strengthen regulation of “overzealous star-chasing behaviors”.

The deputy, who is also the vice chancellor of a secondary technical school specializing in culture and entertainment sectors, pointed out that many fans spend a great deal of time, money and energy in star-chasing every day. She said that infatuated fans engage in stalking like activities and other acts that infringed on their idols’ privacy.

The deputy added in a follow up interview that the obsessive group of fans is even organized into teams and involve in cyberbullying of its ‘enemies’ and anyone who criticizes their idols. She was also critical of some of the celebrities themselves, stating that they often take advantage of their fans for their own personal gain and to further their careers.

What are people saying online?

The post has gained thousands of comments, with the majority of posts expressing agreement and support of the deputy’s suggestions. “I support the suggestion. Too many people are negatively influenced by the unhealthy fandom culture. There is no doubt that the government should take action on it,” went one comment that has been liked over four thousand times.

However, some social media users are wondering if it wrong to only focus on the fandom communities. “The fan club is not the only component of fandom culture. It is also intensified by social media platforms, entertainment companies and brands. Attention should also be stressed on these sectors”, read one of the most liked comments under the post.

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