Fri. Jun 18th, 2021
Former Republican Party of Florida Chair, Florida State University adjunct faculty member and new IOP podcast host Al Cardenas.

The Institute of Politics at Florida State University ([email protected]) has released the latest episode in their Politics in the Sunshine podcast series. 

Former Republican Party of Florida ChairFlorida State University adjunct faculty member and host Al Cardenas is joined by Mike Murphy, the co-director of the University of Southern California (USC) Dornsife Center for the Political Future and Republican political consultant.

In this episode, Cardenas and Murphy discuss the purpose and importance of political institutes in shaping emerging political leaders of our country.

While discussing how to improve the world of politics and what role institutes at universities like FSU and USC play, Murphy urged students and faculty to be proactive. 

“We’re in a moment now where citizenship cannot be passive,” he said. “We are trying to prepare these kids at elite schools that are going to go on and be influential and effective people on what the role of a citizen is — and it means doing work. It means understanding that democracy doesn’t happen by itself.”

This is the second episode in the Politics in the Sunshine series of podcasts, the first with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is available at

The launch of the podcast followed [email protected]’s Celebrating Civility four-part, virtual event series with speakers from all political backgrounds, from all over the country, celebrating the importance of civic engagement, political participation and civil discourse in contemporary American Politics.

“Thank you to USC’s Dornsife Center’s co-director Mike Murphy for sharing his thoughts on the state and national significance in establishing an Institute of Politics,” said FSU College of Social Sciences and Public Policy Dean Tim Chapin. “We are thrilled with the initial work being done in developing an IOP here at FSU and look forward to continuing our mission of promoting civic engagement.”

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