This commentary is not really about abortion — it’s about state-sanctioned vigilante justice. But the law involved is an abortion law, so let me go ahead and get this on the table. Abortion is the most difficult legal issue in American life. People on every side have compelling arguments. I think Roe v. Wade is a fair resolution of an impossible problem.

The Texas legislature, meanwhile, has decided that Roe v. Wade is just a sheet of paper to be lit on fire.

What legislators did to ban most abortions in Texas is — well, I don’t use this word

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He attempted to shift the focus from the questionable decision-making of the pullout to the broader point that he had ended a war that his three predecessors could not, despite indications that the US project was always going to fail.

How postwar events could still hurt Biden

While the President may prefer to speak about anything else, there are compelling reasons why he should keep an eye on Afghanistan.

The fate of perhaps 100 to 200 Americans who want to leave and were unable to be rescued represent a significant risk for the President. Any deaths or high-profile beatings or

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