Republican Vaccine Denial Is Not a Political Strategy

Photo: Jeenah Moon/REUTERS

Never attribute to malice, states Hanlon’s razor, that which is adequately explained by stupidity. In defiance of that precept, many liberals have suggested that the Republican Party’s subversion of the pandemic response is a plot to undermine the Biden presidency.

“The right’s strategy on COVID-19 vaccines, as planned and executed by the Republican Party and Fox News, was a [sic] simple as it was sinister: sabotage President Joe Biden’s rollout by sacrificing the bodies of their own supporters,” argues Amanda Marcotte. “The GOP plan was to sabotage herd immunity and blame Democrats for it,”

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Republicans split on strategy to make Biden pay a political price for Afghanistan

While a growing chorus of rank-and-file Republicans have called for Biden’s resignation or impeachment over the administration’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan, key leaders and others in the party have struck a more measured tone for the moment.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy even pushed back against some of his members during a private conference call Thursday night, suggesting that the demands for Biden’s immediate ouster are counterproductive and saying the focus right now needs to be on getting Americans out of Afghanistan safely. But he also promised to pressure the administration.

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