A number of Virginia lawmakers despatched a renewed plea this week to federal officers, making an attempt to get them to take free land.

The three Democrats — Rep. Elaine Luria and Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine — say they need to defend the land on Fort Monroe for future generations and unify it with the remainder of the fort’s jap shoreline already beneath the Nationwide Park Service.

Officers with President Donald Trump’s administration beforehand declined the donation, citing upkeep prices and attainable hazardous contaminants in buildings on the property, in accordance with Every day Press archives.

With a

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Lawmakers in Salem unveiled their ideas for restructuring the state’s congressional districts. The plan above, from Democrats, would favor the party’s interests in controlling a new seat in Congress, an analysis suggested.

Dirk VanderHart

Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Friday offered very different visions for how Oregon should redraw its political districts for the next decade, with both sides offering plans that could offer a partisan advantage.

In the first salvo of a three-and-a-half week dash toward passing new maps, members of the House and Senate committees on redistricting unveiled their starting visions for how to apportion the state’s 60

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In the wake of a severe new abortion law in Texas, some state lawmakers have said they will attempt to mimic the near-total abortion ban.

Texas’ law makes most abortions illegal after six weeks of pregnancy and encourages anyone to sue a person they believe is providing an abortion or assisting someone in getting an abortion after six weeks.

Although the law is being challenged — and although similar laws have been ruled unconstitutional following Supreme Court precedent — the Supreme Court rejected abortion providers’ call for an emergency injunction to block the law while courts hear the case. It

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