This commentary is not really about abortion — it’s about state-sanctioned vigilante justice. But the law involved is an abortion law, so let me go ahead and get this on the table. Abortion is the most difficult legal issue in American life. People on every side have compelling arguments. I think Roe v. Wade is a fair resolution of an impossible problem.

The Texas legislature, meanwhile, has decided that Roe v. Wade is just a sheet of paper to be lit on fire.

What legislators did to ban most abortions in Texas is — well, I don’t use this word

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We felt like we were being serenaded with kindness when we learned that in the Netherlands and Belgium there are official ‘City Poets’ who brighten otherwise lonely funerals.

pavel danilyuk

Akin to a town crier, or some other mainstay of a Middle Ages-set period piece, the City Poet has only been an official position since the turn of the 21st century.

As quaint is it may seem, the job is a serious one, for upon his or her shoulders rests the responsibility for composing funerary poems for those who die anonymously, unclaimed by friends or family.

In an exploration of

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