Stephen Miller on Fox News (Fox News)

Former Donald Trump strategist and architect of the widely-maligned migrant child separation policy Stephen Miller is behind a group suing the Biden administration for providing aid to Black farmers, arguing it gave them an unfair advantage over white farmers.

Mr Miller appeared on Fox News to discuss his lawsuit, arguing that Covid-19 relief intended to allocate $5bn to help Black farmers was discriminatory and that it was unfair to white farmers.

The $5bn is intended to help socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers with loan forgiveness. Qualifying recipients include Black, Hispanic, Native American, Alaskan native, Asian-American and Pacific Islander farmers and ranchers, but not white farmers and ranchers.

White farmers and ranchers have long been the recipients of substantial federal subsidies that make it possible for farms to operate and keep food prices relatively inexpensive.

“We filed two lawsuits. One lawsuit to ensure that farm aid is delivered irrespective of one’s race and ethnicity,” Mr Miller said. “The Biden administration has specifically excluded people solely based on skin colour. That’s outrageous.”

He then discussed his second lawsuit, a return to form for Mr Miller in that it aims to curb immigration into the country.

“Imagine you were living in an apartment building and a new landlord came in and he ripped off all the doors, he ripped out all the windows and he said that any lawbreaker, any trespasser, any vandal, anyone – even criminal – who wants to come into your building and your unit is free to do so,” Mr Miller said, likening immigrants to criminals. “That is what President Biden has done to the country.”

The US Department of Agriculture issued a statement to NBC News saying they were aware of and reviewing the lawsuit.

“We are reviewing the complaint and working with the Department of Justice. During this review, we will continue to implement the debt relief to qualified socially disadvantaged borrowers under the American Rescue Plan Act,” the statement said.

Tom Vilsack, the US Agriculture Secretary, said the money was intended to address longstanding inequalities faced by non-white farmers.

“For generations, socially disadvantaged farmers have struggled to fully succeed due to systemic discrimination and a cycle of debt,” Mr Vilsack said. “On top of the economic pain caused by the pandemic, farmers from socially disadvantaged communities are dealing with a disproportionate share of Covid-19 infection rates, hospitalisations, death and economic hurt.”

Mr Miller’s group, America First Legal, is aimed at stopping the “radical activist left.”

He founded the group alongside Mr Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows.

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