Mon. Jul 26th, 2021

A video of a car being swallowed in a sinkhole went viral on Sunday, June 13, 2021. As per reports, the incident happened at the Ram Nivas society located in  Mumbai’s Ghatkopar area. It is being said that a well existed in the locality which was then covered by the resident to utilise the space for parking. 

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This part of the premises was closed and RCC work was carried on. However, the same was stopped during the recent monsoon. The cemented area was displaced due to the rainfall which opened the same and eventually the vehicle drowned. 

No injuries were reported and the police offiicals rushed to the spot for further investigation. Reports state that the vehicle belonged to a resident named Pankaj Mehta. No one was in the car and no lives were lost. 

Post the incident, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation mentioned that the civic body had nothing to do with the same. A statement posted on the official Instagram handle said that there a well in the premises and half of it was covered by RCC. This space was used by residents to park their cars and preliminary reports stated that this car too parked on the RCC. Concerned departments from the BMC have noted the matter and and are coordinating with the society authorities for necessary safety measures which need to be taken immediately.

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Mocking the civic body regarding the capabilities, Manoj Kotak, Member of Parliament – Mumbai North East. Standing Committee Member for Finance & Standing Committee Member for Commerc, on June 10, 2021, took to his Twitter and said, “The richest civic body of India BMC is incapable of keeping unclogged manholes, clean sewerage. The Mumbaikars are devoid of basic rights of cleanliness and now the incompetence is proving fatal. The video of two females falling in open manholes at Bhandup rages me to the core.”