“After these latest allegations against Governor Cuomo, an unacceptable pattern of behavior has been made clear. Governor Cuomo can no longer be entrusted to lead our state and he must resign,” Burke said.

Assemblywoman Monica Wallace of Lancaster

“The independent investigation by the AG must continue and should be expanded to include the most recent allegations, including the deeply troubling allegations that the Cuomo administration intentionally omitted or changed data relating to nursing home (Covid) deaths. The AG has the investigatory tools at her disposal to interview witnesses under oath, issue subpoenas, and develop the evidence necessary to support these allegations,” Wallace said.

The governor usually dominates any room he enters by the sheer force of his persona – even without the trappings of his office, McCarthy says.

Assemblywoman Karen McMahon of Williamsville

McMahon signed onto the same letter as Peoples-Stokes and some other female members of the Assembly Democratic conference. On Monday, in a separate statement to the Buffalo News, she said:

“I will continue to follow these events as they unfold, however, having spent the bulk of my career in the courts, I believe we should wait until all the evidence is in before we determine guilt, and if appropriate, penalty.”

Assemblyman William Conrad of Tonawanda