Thu. Jul 29th, 2021

As the second wave of COVID has made us realise the importance of oxygen, a group of children created a micro oxygen chamber (micro forest) on Sunday by planting 750 tree saplings in Punjab’s Ludhiana.

Holding gardening equipment, children gathered in the Rakh Bagh area to participate in the plantation drive and planted 250 square yards which were supervised by the green couple Rohit Mehra and Geetanjali Mehra.

Around 10 school-going children from Ludhiana namely Pratibha Sharma, Madhvi Sharma, Vaibhav Kapoor, Dhruv Mehra, Udhay Mehra, Diya Bharara, Lavanya Sehgal, Viraansh Bharara, Nitya Bassi and Dishita Bharara took active interest in this noble initiative.

Madhvi Sharma, a class 11 student at Sacred Heart Convent School, Ludhiana, said that in this pandemic, everyone has realised the importance of oxygen in our society. They said that we all know that trees are the only source of natural oxygen.

Rohit Mehra said that it is the first-ever forest created by kids in the world, which is for the kids. This team is known as Indian green warriors and has 10 school-going kids. He said that 60 different varieties, that are native of Punjab area, have been planted in this micro forest.

Pratibha Sharma, class 9 student at Sacred Heart Convent School, Ludhiana, said that the current weather is best for planting trees and urged everyone, especially children, to plant the maximum number of trees.

Vaibhav Kapoor, class seventh student at Sacred Heart Convent Senior Secondary School, BRS Nagar, said that this micro forest has been planted so that our future generations can have a source of natural oxygen.

All the participating children pledged to save this micro forest, manure it and irrigate it for a period of two years till it becomes sustainable. They said that this micro forest will host variety of flora and fauna and birds, who find it difficult to get safe adobe in urban areas.

They also urged everyone to plant the maximum number of trees so that Ludhiana becomes an oxygen-rich city.