I think if it’s a day that ends in a ‘y,’ the state of Wisconsin is critical to your success, not just as Democrats but as Americans. And that’s nothing new. Last year, it was that way; this year with the superintendent race, it will be that way; next year with targeted midterms, it will be that way, and so forth. Wisconsin is one of many states where we are not just invested in building this infrastructure but really focused on communicating what we’ve delivered to the people who need it most, and where Republican leadership has failed … Ultimately Ron Johnson is number one, should he decide to run, on my list of the senators I will revel in sending into retirement.

You’re a Madison native yourself, a graduate of La Follette High School and UW-Madison. How would you say your upbringing in Wisconsin’s capital city prepared or positioned you for a career in Democratic Party politics?

I’d like to think it instilled in me a humble agitation, so to speak. I think the state of Wisconsin, we are kind, we are loyal, we are smart, we are hardworking people. We are generous to one another, and our neighbors. But excuse my French, we’re not going to take shit from anybody. And I gotta be honest, I’m sick and tired of seeing my neighbors and their friends and family members and their neighbors, not just taken advantage of but looked over, left behind and ultimately lost out. And that to me is an ethos that was instilled in me by my parents, by growing up as a son of school teachers, four of them, they both remarried to school teachers themselves, but also, it’s something that is ingrained in us as Wisconsinites. It’s the Matthew 25 of politics.