More than a thousand students gather on Chittenden Avenue following the Spring Ohio State football game. Multiple cars were flipped. Credit: Paige Cirtwill | Lantern Reporter

This year’s annual “Chitt Fest” drew more than a thousand students to the two blocks of Chittenden Avenue between High and Summit streets Saturday, resulting in a riot with numerous instances of vandalism and endangering behavior, including cars being flipped and heavily damaged. 

University spokesperson Ben Johnson said in an email that the university is working with Columbus Police to find and hold accountable those who took part in the riot, which also violated Ohio State’s COVID-19 safety guidelines. University leaders such as President Kristina M. Johnson and Senior Vice President for Student Life Melissa Shivers took to Twitter and email to condemn the events and behavior that took place. 

Shivers said in a tweet Sunday that Ohio State will work with Columbus Police to identify and address the behaviors of those involved. Shivers also sent an email to many students addressing the events on Saturday night. 

President Kristina M. Johnson tweeted that the destruction of property and behavior was unacceptable.

Ben Johnson said students who participated in Saturday’s riot will face disciplinary action by the university.


A front yard on Chittenden Avenue with beer cans and plastic cups following Saturday night’s Chitt Fest. Credit: Owen Milnes | Campus Producer

“Possible sanctions for violating Ohio State’s Code of Student Conduct range from a formal reprimand to disciplinary probation, suspension or dismissal from the university,” Ben Johnson said. “Each conduct case is evaluated individually and sanctions are determined on a case by case basis based on a number of factors, including the nature and severity of the violation, impact on the community, and any prior conduct violations.”

The Code of Student Conduct defines a formal reprimand as “a written letter of reprimand resulting from a student’s misconduct” and disciplinary probation as “in effect for a specific period of time and may involve the loss of specified privileges.” Any further violation on disciplinary probation is viewed as a violation of probation, which results in further action up to and including suspension or dismissal. 

Suspension refers to the termination of a student’s enrollment at the university for a specific period of time whereas dismissal permanently separates a student from the university without the opportunity to re-enroll in the future, according to the Code of Student Conduct. 

To report information relating to Saturday’s events, contact Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS (8477) or on Twitter at @OhioCrime. Students can also share information through the Student Conduct reporting website.