A nine-year-old boy from Kerala is a step closer to his dream of becoming a pilot, thanks to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

In a video that is going viral on the internet, Gandhi was seen explaining the complex mechanism of a flight cockpit to the boy, after learning of his high-flying dream.

It all began when the Congress leader, who was on a two-day campaign visit to the poll-bound state Kerala, met the boy at a local tea shop in Keezhurkunnu, in Kannur district.

According to local news agency Omanorama.com, Gandhi was impressed with the boy’s proficiency in English and Hindi and went on to ask him about his aspirations.

”I want to fly, I dream to become a pilot,” the boy reportedly told the leader.

And the next day, Gandhi made arrangements for the boy and his father to visit the cockpit of his chartered flight.

The video shows the boy sitting in rapt attention as the woman pilot explains the mechanism of flying an aircraft.

Sharing the video of the interaction, Gandhi wrote on Instagram, “We’ve taken the first step to make Advait’s dream come true. Now it is our duty to create a society & a structure that will give him every opportunity to fly.”

The video delighted many on the internet. Take a look at some of the reactions here: