Brevard Public Schools says a “National Rape Day” hoax spreading across social media app TikTok is no threat to students, though parents are pushing schools and each other to address the issue with their children.

Videos circulated this week warning users about a “National Rape Day” on April 24. They claimed that someone had posted a video saying it was legal to sexually assault anyone on that day, but TikTok told media outlets it had not found any evidence that such a video existed. The app is nonetheless flooded with videos pf people decrying the idea, giving out safety tips and brandishing knives in veiled threats to anyone who commits sexual assault.

Claims circulated on social media app TikTok that people intended to carry out "National Rape Day," a fake holiday in which it is supposedly legal to "have sex with anybody." There's no evidence anyone made such a threat.

The hoax seems to be a recycled joke. According to an analysis by fact-checking site Snopes, Urban Dictionary entries for “National Rape Day” include the same claims as early as 2018, claiming April 12, 18 or 24 were dates when it was “legal to have sex with anyone. The entries have been removed.  

Brevard Public Schools Spokesman Russel Bruhn said the district had received complaints about the videos from parents and had distributed information to school security. The district does not believe the videos reflect any true threat to students’ safety, Bruhn said.