“A majority of my buyers are leaving those states because of the liberal governments,” she said. “We left (southern California) for several reasons. The cost of living was through the roof and our vote basically didn’t count. The laws being passed were not what we wanted to be a part of. We looked through the U.S. and Idaho was one of the top three or four states on our list. We chose North Idaho, and we love the area.”

There is a lot to love about the Coeur d’Alene area, for sure, but other parts of the state have attractive features. “The Boise area is popular, because there is less snow,” she said.

Paul Chabot, who started Conservative Move four years ago after moving to Texas from California, recently has launched Law Enforcement Move for police officers and Military Move to assist those looking for veteran-friendly states.

“When you look at all three entities, the common denominator is that red states come to the top,” Chabot said. “These are the best places for families for Conservative Move. They are the best places for police protection and the best places to move for military veterans who love the Second Amendment and their right to bear arms. There are so many clients who are leaving these blue states, and I don’t see it slowing down … and a huge number of people are coming to Idaho.”

Chabot’s story is similar to Owsley’s. “We decided we had enough,” he said. “Sometimes you have to walk away. We adopted the thought that we can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves.”