Thu. Jul 29th, 2021

One of the first things you should do as an employee, after getting injured, is find a skilled workers compensation attorney. They will make sure that you get properly compensated and also provide some support during these tough times. Your first meeting with a lawyer will tell you a lot about how they work, and how much you can expect to get from them. Let’s take a look at some important interview questions you should ask during your first consultation.

Will You Be the One Handling the Case?

This might seem like a strange question to some, but that’s because they may not know some of the tricks law firms use. Often, big law firms will use a different set of lawyers for first consultations knowing that they’re the best at getting clients. So, you have to know if the person you’re talking to is not acting as a salesperson and will actually be representing you.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

You might also assume that you have a case when you don’t. Or your case might not warrant the help of a lawyer. If you only suffered a minor injury and it has healed by the time you see a lawyer, chances are you don’t have a strong case.

However, there are some cases where a rightful claim will be denied by an employer or insurance company. If you’ve been injured at work and that’s your situation, you should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. They’re the only person who will be able to help you in that case.

This will often happen in cases where there’s a permanent disability. This might seem cruel, but insurance companies are incentivized to minimize those claims and will work to give you as little as possible. A lawyer will ensure that you get exactly what you deserve.

I Think I Might be at Fault – Does it Matter?

If you were partially at fault in the accident, you may think that you’re not entitled to compensation, but not so fast. Unless you engaged in wildly reckless behavior or were in a physical fight, fault is usually not an issue with these types of cases. It doesn’t matter who was negligent here. If you get a serious injury while working, chances are you are eligible for workers’ compensation.

Do I Have to Do What My Employer Tells Me to?

Some people may assume that having a work-related injury means that they can stay home and get a paid vacation, but that’s not how things work. At some point, your doctor may clear you to work under restrictions, and if they do, you have to report to work. If the employer gives you work that is in line with these restrictions, you have no choice but to accept or quit. If they can’t accommodate you, however, you might be entitled to temporary disability benefits.

These are just some of the questions you should bring with you to your first interview. The more time you take and the more thorough you are in your search, the greater the chance you’ll be able to find the perfect lawyer for you.