Governor Hutchinson notified the legislature today that he had vetoed Senate Bill 298, the legislation making it a crime for state law officers to assist in the enforcement of federal gun laws.

His message:

It’s the governor’s third veto. It only takes a simple majority to override. Lawmakers have already overridden his veto of the legislation to ban transgender medical services for children, but the House sustained his veto of legislation refunding fines assessed on business for violating pandemic health mandates.

The legislators who took their oaths of office seriously shouldn’t have voted for this legislation in the first place. With the governor’s clear explanation of why, they should allow his veto to stand. It requires them to ignore the state and federal constitutions, as interpreted by courts, and to cease enforcing state laws that have not been repealed as well as federal laws.

There’s time Monday for legislators to honor their oaths. Many other gun measures are pending.

The bill passed the House 76-18 and the Senate 28-7.

Hutchinson is a former U.S. attorney who once enforced these laws.

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