The tragic death of a 10-year old boy in Sarasota is sparking change in Tallahassee on Florida’s boating laws.

What You Need To Know

  •  10-year-old Ethan Isaacs was killed in a boating accident in November
  •  At the time, he was hit by a boat propeller after his sailing coach fell overboard
  • “Ethan’s Law” would require boat drivers to wear an engine cut-off device

Ethan Isaacs, 10, died in November after a being hit by a boat propeller when his sailing coach fell overboard. 

“Ethan was a happy kid, joyful, he was a problem solver,” says mother Malinda Isaacs. 

Malinda and Gary Isaacs teamed up with State Representative Fiona McFarland to create “Ethans Law.” 

“This accident was completely avoidable, and that’s what makes it so tragic,” says McFarland. 

The bill, will require boat drivers to wear an engine safety-cut off device if they topple overboard. 

“I’m here to serve the community…and this bill just makes sense,” says McFarland.

The Isaacs family hopes this bill will provide an extra layer of security, so these tragedies don’t happen again. 

“It’s really a no-cost policy to put in place,” says Gary Isaacs. “This is the path we chose to heal…and continue his legacy.”

If passed, the bill will be in place by July 2021.