Afterward, Griffin said he is likely to appeal the ruling — arguing that the proceedings were tilted against him by a judge initially appointed by former Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson, and that an all-Democratic state Supreme Court was unlikely to overrule the decision.

“I feel like I was just really railroaded,” said Griffin, an outspoken advocate for gun rights and strict border and immigration enforcement.

The recall petition ruling is among mounting legal challenges for Griffin, who was arrested in connection with the Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol. Griffin, who was videotaped on the steps of the Capitol but not inside, denies allegations that he knowingly entered barricaded areas of the U.S. Capitol grounds with the intent to disrupt government as Congress considered Electoral College results.

Griffin, a former restaurant owner and rodeo-style entertainer for Disney, also is appealing to a federal district court to shield from disclosure the identity of financial contributors to Cowboys for Trump. State election regulators say the group is a political committee subject to disclosure requirements.

Sanchez and other members of the Committee to Recall Couy Griffin say Griffin filed the improper travel voucher to pay for a trip to Washington for a convention of county commissioners. He says Griffin took along a horse and trailer and made detours for activities related to Cowboys for Trump, a group that has held horseback-riding parades across the country in support of President Donald Trump.