Mon. Jul 26th, 2021

In regard to this, a study published in the Journal of College and University Student Housing (Mollina & Co., 2015) demonstrates the students’ difficulties to establish a positive relationship with their dorm roommates in days of exponential growth of individuality and use of social media.

Many are, then, the studies (Alex Duell in Philosophy Now, May 2021; Zhu et al. in the International Journal of Affective Disorders, February 2021; Rowe et al. in the European Journal of Tracing Systems, July 2020) that are highlighting the increasing incompatibility of men with communal living following the feelings of alienation and post-traumatic stress disorder influenced by the implementation of anti-Covid norms, like social distancing or tracking apps.

Dynamics that, if put together with the youngests’ reluctance to set up families, leave us with many unanswered questions on future collective scenarios. Will we head towards macro-communities of digital nomads facing the challenge of a collectivity and solidarity to be built anew, or will we succeed, especially in the West, to promote an integration of cultures able to bring civilisation forward while respecting the territory?