Islamabad:Representatives of the civil society on Sunday praised Pakistan’s relief support to its neighbouring country India which is going through a staggering surge of COVID-19 on humanitarian grounds.

India is undergoing a spiralling COVID-19 crisis, which is the current epicentre of the pandemic with over 300,000 daily cases since mid-April. Pakistan has offered to provide relief items to India including ventilators, Bi-PAP, digital X-ray machines and PPEs to help its neighbouring country through the hard times while India is yet to respond to Pakistan’s offer.

Prof Rashid Khan an international relations expert of NUML university while in an exclusive interview with this agency said that in recent wave of pandemic as India is really facing the worst situation, this is very significant and generous offer from Pakistan side to show solidarity with India.

He said that this move is much appreciated on both sides of the border at masses adding that It will not have far reaching impact on policy making but it will obviously help to open the closed doors.

He said that political differences apart it is time to show solidarity with humanity. He said that this is really applauding as an honest duty of Muslims to render help to anyone who is in distress.

He said that the hashtag #PakistanstandswithIndia began trending on Twitter after Pakistan provided timely help to India which would further pave way to normalize their long-standing political issues.

Khan said that Pakistan”s solidarity with India at least created an opportunity for both the countries to rethink the hardline and prudently think and act, this is what masses want on both sides.

“Humanity stands at the top” is message delivered by this gesture of solidarity of Pakistan with India,” he states. He said that it is the duty of every Muslim to show their humanitarian quality as guided by Islam despite the prejudice being directed towards them.

According to the international media reports, Muslim groups have converted mosques and madrassas into COVID-19 care facilities and the Muslim organizations and individuals in India who have come forward to help alleviate the growing burden on the country’s healthcare system by offering critical patients oxygen supplies and bed space, is truly commendable.

“As India endured an alarming surge in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases last week, overwhelmed hospitals and medical facilities have found an ally in Muslim groups and individuals helping critical patients with oxygen supply and crucial bed space,” it added. Other than these facilities, Muslim groups in India have also started helpline numbers to provide leads about beds and oxygen supplies.