NANCHANG, China, April 22 (Xinhua) — Hua Hehui cycles about 10 kilometers every day to work, not only for health reasons but also to collect low-carbon points which benefit his daily life.

In August, 2017, the local government in Fuzhou launched a social platform to record users’ low-carbon activities including low-carbon transport, garbage-sorting, and philanthropy, to award points with multiple usages.

The 55-year old Hua has gained over 24,000 points, the most among all users in Fuzhou, South China’s Jiangxi Province, which can be used for buying movie tickets, shopping or taking buses. For example, people can use 150 points for a movie ticket or one parking coupon for 10 points.

Fuzhou now has include more businesses in this project in a bid to engage more citizens in low-carbon life style.

According to the platform, users will get one point for every 2,000 steps walked, bicycling 10 minutes or other low-carbon activities.

“Inspired by the platform, I began to commute by bike instead of driving my car,” said Hua.

At the end of March, 2021, over 375,000 people had registered on the platform, covering about one-third of the city’s population.

Yang Zhengrong, 56, a jogging enthusiast, has lost 10 kilograms after adopting the low-carbon method four years ago. “I have run more than 50 marathons,” Yang added.

Lei Wenfeng, senior engineer of the State Grid Corporation of China, thinks the platform has contributed greatly to the goal of achieving carbon reduction.

“With all people in Jiangxi participating, about 600,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced,” said Lei, expecting more people to realize the importance of a low-carbon life.