RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Amanda Chase, a Republican running for Virginia governor as a self-described “Trump in heels,” said at a campaign event that a fellow state senator seeking the Democratic nod in the race would not “be a governor that supports everyone” because of her leadership in the legislative Black caucus.

The remarks about state Sen. Jennifer McClellan came during a campaign event, which Chase said took place Monday night. A video clip was circulated online by Democratic super PAC American Bridge 21st Century.

“I support equal rights not special rights. You know, Sen. McClellan, she is the vice chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus. … And I said she will not be a governor that supports everyone,” Chase said in an apparent reference to a similar attack on McClellan last year.

In a statement, McClellan called the remarks bigoted and racist and said they have no place in Virginia politics.

“I’ve worked as Vice Chair of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus to deliver generational change this session in education, health care, economic opportunity, the justice system, housing, the environment, and voting for all Virginians,” said McClellan, who has served 15 years in the General Assembly. “The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus has been a force for progress for decades — progress that has benefitted every community of the Commonwealth.”