The resolution for the other parcel agreement entails JBJ Real Property, LLC getting a parcel around 16.20-by-54.97 from the city. Like the other deal, the city will transfer that section for free. The resolution added that JBJ, which owns the property at 117-119 Genesee St., immediately south of 1-7 State St., proposes upgrade and improve that slice of land, including making a brick paver patio in a way that fits with the city’s project. The JBJ will also need to maintain that area, pay all title and closing costs related to the transaction and provide all easements requested by the city for its undertaking.

City Manager Jeff Dygert said after the meeting that a construction meeting for the plaza project will be held next week, and that the plaza is scheduled to be completed in November.

“I think everybody’s excited,” Dygert said. “I think the property owners in that area and the business owners are excited to get that ugly fence down and see something useful in that area and clean that neighborhood up.”

The 1-7 State St. site is where Kalet’s Department Store used to be, but the city took over that spot due to tax foreclosure in 1995. Over the years there were a myriad of attempts to redevelop that location, including with a theater at one point, but Auburn officials eventually decided to transform it into a public park.