WAUKOMIS, Okla. (KFOR) – He was born the first day of the London Blitz in WWII.

“8th of September, 1940,” says Hugh Hairs, holding a history book on the subject.

Mothers in the hospital, he tells us, kept their babies close during that time because government officials were afraid there’d be too many orphans.

“Don’t think about what I went through,” he insists, because he doesn’t remember. “Think about what my mother went through.”

Hairs and his ‘mum’ survived the bombing raids and here he sits more than 8 decades later reciting a sonnet about his experiences from a living room in Waukomis, Oklahoma.

A lot of creativity has come from this desk.

“Oh yeah,” he agrees. “A lot of creativity.”

We’ve checked in on Hairs before, looking over his extensive postcard collection, and his bread bag collection as well.

He had his own television show on cable access in nearby Enid for years.

In 1984 he began a twice monthly newsletter titled, ‘Hugh’s Review.’

He hasn’t missed an edition since.

“I write every day,” he says. “You’ll see in that Review.”

He keeps his pencils sharp and his ink ready to flow.

Hairs spent his spare time over the past few years writing sonnets in the Shakespearean style, eventually penning more than Shakespeare himself.

Hugh guesses, “I’m up to 200 and something sonnets now.”

“I never set out to beat Shakespeare, but he only wrote 150 something sonnets.”

A selection of those poems ended up in a book of sonnets that spread their rhyming couplets across two continents, and the span of a very interesting life.

He is quite well known in this small Oklahoma community, a pillar of society, a ‘stiff upper lip’ of British pride, and English letters ready for the post.

You can find a copy of Hair’s book, ‘Another Mile Nearer’ at gift shop in Waukomis.

It’s also available to order on Amazon through this link.