Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

The quality of any content can be judged based on how well the target audience receives it.

DIY blogs, educational blog posts, blogs dealing with recent events, Instagram, Youtube & TikTok videos and podcasts are popular with millennials, generation z and generation alpha. 

When a reader, viewer or listen takes actionable steps, the content has been well delivered.

Compelling content provides details and relevant information. It also contains captivating updates that are surprisingly entertaining. 

A writer’s responsibility is to look for a unique idea that will also cater to the audience’s needs. Framing that idea and using their creativity while penning them down. The editorial team then takes over for the proofreading, often using a duplicate content checker followed by macro and micro formatting. 

The ready content then reaches the marketing team, who then carries out the most crucial task of promoting the content. The promotion of the content brings in the web page traffic that is fruitful for the business.


Given today’s competition in the online sphere, digital marketing teams have more responsibilities to deliver results. 

Thanks to data analytics, SEO tools and KPIs, it’s easier than before for a successful content marketing campaign to reach out a wider audience. 

Content marketing tactics are essential in order to have a favourable position in search engine rankings, increase visibility, expand an audience and convert leads into sales.

Here are 6 actionable content marketing tactics for digital marketers. 



1. Provide Unique & Inclusive Content Topics

Considering the progress made by today’s society, it’s important to provide inclusive content.

Content marketers can choose a trending topic or explore new opportunities. Having a unique approach towards a seemingly similar idea often works for content writing. 

Readers connect with unique content. They also connect to the write-up they are familiar with but will still enjoy the new flavour. If the content is relatable, it powerfully attracts readers.

2. Get Straight To the Point

The format of the content is also a vital part of its marketing. Imagine any content with only lengthy paragraphs and facts blatantly stated being enjoyed by a 10-year-old! 

The scenario is hard to believe. The format of the content should be appropriate for the age group of the target audience. 

Research papers with lengthy but informative paragraphs will excite a researcher or any adult associated with academics. But for a child or a beginner, it is not recommendable. 

Smaller paragraphs, the information provided in points, straightforward language, and some form of an attempt to build communication through written words with the readers create wonder when it is a children’s blog. 

Hence, a proper format provides the best user experience to its audience.

3. Draw The Attention of Your Audience With Captivating Headlines

A headline is the very first thing that draws the attention of the readers towards a written piece. The headline should be catchy but informative. The headline need not be a complete sentence, but it should reflect the entire written work. Avoid writing too much detail of the headline. 

A perfect headline gives the reader a glimpse of the matter they are about to read, thus raising their eagerness to read further and leaving them seeking more information.

4. Provide User Friendly & Easy Access to Information

Giving free access to everyone is usually perceived as not a very suitable marketing strategy. However, in the long run, it is quite useful. What a new writer and new content require is publicity. 

The readers need to be familiar with the writer and their work or, in most cases, the website where the content gets published.

Having access to such content provides the reader with the liberty of utilising the trial and error method. Readers who find the content useful and enriching look for more relatable content from the writer or the website. 

5. Optimise Pictures, Infographics, Videos, Keywords & SEO Strategies

The number of people the content will reach depends primarily on the right keyword. Knowing the correct keyword is often enlisted in the content editor’s duty, but using them is to be done by the marketing team. 

Especially if it is an SEO content, and an individual or the company wants to gain a considerable amount of traffic for their site. Thus, for keyword research, companies or individuals can use SEO tools, such as SEMrush.

Using the keywords in the right place and adequately highlighting them is also a skill and an essential aspect for promoting content. 

6. Cross-Check Your Content To Stay Unique

A content cannot be called ready for publishing until it goes through the process of proofreading. This includes checking for plagiarism, grammatical errors, syntax errors, and spelling errors. 

Plagiarised content is completely unacceptable as it destroys the image of the creator and its reputation. Avoid the burden of manual plagiarism check with an online plagiarism detector or duplicate checker, which readily provides an accurate plagiarism report and is user-friendly.